Healthy Foods That Must Always Be in Dieter’s Fridge

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Healthy diet these days means having better eating habit, and stocking healthy foods at home is important to keep your diet consistent. However, there are times when you probably do not have time to shop, or when you crave something to curb hunger between meal times. These are small things that can ruin your diet; a few inconsistencies and cheating, and you can get thrown off the healthy wagon.

Healthy Foods That Must Always Be in Dieter’s Fridge

Healthy Foods That Must Always Be in Dieter’s Fridge

Make sure you do not fail your healthy diet by always having must-have diet foods in the fridge.

Top Healthy Foods to Stock at Home

If you want to keep consistent healthy eating habit, make sure everything in your fridge is healthy. Here are top healthy foods that you need to have in the fridge:

  • Packed fruit slices. Sliced fruits that you can eat immediately, such as apples, bananas, strawberries, pineapples, watermelons and pears can be essential in healthy snacking or juice-making. You can immediately grab these fruits when you want something to munch quickly without ruining your diet. You can buy a bunch of fruits, cut them up during weekend, and place them in small Ziploc bags or plastic boxes.
  • Lean ground meat. Lean protein is one of the most important healthy foods for diet, and ground meat can be made into everything fast, from healthy hamburger and pasta to meatballs and meatloaf. Turkey, non-fat beef and lamb are great lean protein sources, and ground meat is versatile.
  • Fat-free Greek yogurt. Just like ground meat, it is very versatile and can serve as healthy breakfast, snacks, smoothie thickener, or replacement for sour cream. Keep the yogurt with some frozen berries, which you can blend together into nice smoothie or turn into healthy dessert.
  • Packed coleslaw. If you are tired with salad, you may want to stock packed coleslaw in your fridge. It is finely chopped vegetables that usually consist of cabbages, broccoli, carrots, lettuces, and stem vegetables, although the varieties are diverse. Coleslaw is easier to eat and crunchier than salad, and more versatile: you can eat it raw, steam it, or turn it into soup and side dish.
  • Low fat cheese and wheat crackers. This pair is a quick snack that fills you up without making you feel guilty. Cheese is rich in protein, and plain wheat crackers give you starch with relatively low calorie. Make sure to put these snacks in smaller, portioned Ziploc, plastic boxes, or plastic bags, so you can still control your snacking portion.
  • Oatmeal or muesli. They are popular healthy foods, but you will also appreciate how quick they are prepared. You can just mix them with hot water and fruit slices you already prepare in the fridge, and you get quick, healthy breakfast or fulfilling snack for between meal times.

Having healthy lifestyle means you need to have varied nutritious foods in your menu, and these foods are not the only healthy things you should consume. However, having them in your fridge is great if you want to make sure that you always have healthy foods handy, even when you do not have time to shop or you are tired.

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