Health Screening Tests Every Woman Must Take

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The unique physical conditions of women require special ways to keep the body healthy. Health screening is very important for all women, especially since they start to enter reproductive age. However, the must-take health screening tests must encompass all health aspects, from reproductive health to other organs and system in the body. Many life-threatening diseases such as breast cancer and cervix cancer can be treated if women find out about them early through tests.

Health Screening Tests Every Woman Must Take

Health Screening Tests Every Woman Must Take

Make sure you understand about the importance of health screening. Here are some tests all women must take since reproductive age, recommended by women’s health experts.

Mammograms: Test for Breast Cancer

This is one of the most commonly recommended tests for women, from young women to those who enter their 40s and 50s. In fact, younger women are advised to do yearly mammogram, since breast cancer risk among young women is high. The test is not painful and quick, and is usually widely available. Early detection of breast cancer can increase survival rate drastically; according to National Breast Cancer Foundation, the 5-year survival rate from those who do mammogram at early age is as high as 96%. Women are advised to start mammogram before they turn 50, to avoid side effects from radiation.

Pap Smear Test to Detect Cervix Cancer

Pap smear is very important as early detection for cervix cancer. Women are advised to undergo this test after they turn 21. However, if the women are sexually active before they turn 21, they must also undergo this test early. Just like mammogram, this is a very important health screening that will increase survival rate significantly thanks to early detection.

Blood Pressure Check (High or Low)

High blood pressure or hypertension happens in one out of five people in the US, and the rising stress level brought by modern lifestyle makes the prevalence goes higher. However, women are also in high risk of low blood pressure or hypotension, which usually brings symptoms such as lightheadedness and dizziness and inability to wake up early without feeling weak or dizzy.

STD and HIV Tests

STD tests should be taken by sexually active women, married women, or whenever you detect symptoms such as vaginal discharge, rash or bleeding that is not there before. Meanwhile, HIV test should be taken even by those who are not married, as long as they have been treated in emergency room, since HIV virus can spread through blood transfusion.

Bone Density Test

Women over 50 has high risk of getting osteoporosis, so bone density test is one of must-take test in women’s health. The procedure itself is simple and painless, and helps determining what prevention and treatment you must get next.

Cholesterol Screening

Cholesterol test is advised for all adults every 5 years, in order to detect any risk for heart disease. However, the screening must be done on healthy individuals, because there are diseases that cause the reading to be low. Also, pregnant women should not do it because pregnancy causes higher reading.

Health screening tests are necessary to detect health problems and prevent or treat them, but women particularly must undergo these tests to be always healthy and living full life.



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