Easy Weight Loss Tips

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Have you been trying a lot of diets and still don’t get the best result? This happens because most diet programs succeed to do in the short-term, but then fail in the long-term. Even if you have researched enough, the weight loss “industry” that advises this and that kind of diet is actually full of myths because they are not evidence-based. Furthermore, researchers assume that when the people start to regain weight, it must be because they stop dieting. In brief, undergoing easy weight loss program needs enough willpower.

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Ways of Easy Weight Loss

As year goes by, regarding those failed diet programs, scientists have studied several effective weight loss strategies that everyone can follow. And here are 8 easy weight loss tips that are based on evidence:

  • Drink Water

It sounds cliche but water has indeed a lot of beneficial contents that can help you losing weight. Drink a glass of hot water 30 minutes before and after eating. This proven strategy makes you consume fewer calories and lose more than 40% weight. Besides, drinking water also can boost metabolism that will help you burning off calories.

  • Drink Green Tea

Green tea is healthy and good to lose weight. It contains few amounts of caffeine and loaded with effectual antioxidants called catechins. These two contents are believed to work synergistically in multiplying fat burning. Studies stated that either as beverage or extract supplement, green tea is effective to lose some weights.

  • Use Smaller Plates

This technique is proved to be effective in helping people in reducing their food portions. Therefore, they will automatically consume less calories. Super easy weight loss trick, isn’t it?

  • Healthy Snacks Around

Keep healthy foods around you just in case you get very hungry before eating time. Several snacks that are healthy and easy to prepare are nuts, yogurt, fruits, hard-boiled egg, and baby carrots.

  • Brush Teeth After Dinner

People recommend this brushing teeth after dinner strategy. When you have clean mouth, you will not be as tempted to have a late-night snack.

  • Aerobic Exercise

One of the most effective exercises to burn calories is aerobic or cardio. This is also to improve your both physical and mental health. Cardio is particularly excellent to lose belly fat which is unhealthy. Belly fat causes metabolic disease since it grows around your organs.

  • More Vegetables and Fruits

Compared to another meals, vegetables and fruits do have better nutrition for your body, and several contents inside them are effective to lose weight. Vegetables and fruits are rich in water that gives you a low energy density. They also contain a lot of fiber but less calories. Regardless you are in a weight loss program or not, eating vegetables and fruits are important.

  • Chew Slowly

Another evidence-based easy weight loss strategy is to chew your food a little bit more slowly. This trick is effective to stimulate your brain to think that you have had enough eating. Research showed that chewing slowly can help you to gain less calories and improve hormones production related to weight loss.

That’s at least 8 easy weight loss methods that are actually based on evidence. Rather than trying over diet programs, you’d better try those techniques above.

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