Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs in Women

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Judging from the statistic and research than has been done, breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types affecting women in general, which represent nearly 25% of all cancer cases in women, contributing more than 1.7 million new cases in 2012 only. Due to this serious situation, every people should know about breast cancer symptoms and signs both in women and in men, in order to improve life expectancy and survival rate of the patients. Any abnormality or unusual condition of your breasts should be evaluated, even the lightest one, because that will affect the type of treatment and the result of it.

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs in Women

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs in Women

People with breast cancer symptoms usually do not take the signs seriously until it becomes malicious and advanced to higher stage. Although most of breast cancer case is due to hormonal factor, but some cases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle. When you feel pain or uncomfortable with your breasts, you should think that there is something wrong and that you may need to see professional to be examined. Unusual hormone fluctuation during menstruation is the most common cause in breast cancer case, although it may also happens because medication side effects, breast cyst, large breasts size, unfit bra, and stress.

The Most Common Breast Cancer Symptoms in Women

Any unexplained changes in the condition of breasts and nipples may be associated with breast cancer or cysts. Knowing your own health condition and self-examining is important to detect breast cancer symptoms as early as possible to remove the cancer cell immediately before it advances to the next stage and can potentially harm your life. Most of the early symptoms are less severe and often considered as common hormonal changes instead of cancer. Below are most common symptoms and signs of breast cancer:

  • Changes in nipple texture; it may turn tender, or there is thickening lump near the breasts or breast tissue.
  • Changes in the breasts’ texture; it usually characterized by enlargement of pores.
  • Appearance of lump in the breast; although not all lumps are cancerous, you will need med check to ensure.
  • Any unusual and unexplained change in the breasts’ size and shape; usually when there is swelling or shrinkage size of the breasts.
  • Appearance of dimples on the breasts
  • Asymmetrical size of each breast. Most women has one breast that larger than the other and it’s actually pretty normal. However, if you notice the change recently and not long before, go see professional and check.
  • Changes in nipple position and shape; it may become inverted or inward.
  • Lump under the armpit.
  • Changes in skin texture around the breast and nipples; it becomes itchy, scaly, swollen, or changing color.
  • Milk discharge in women who are not breastfeeding.

The most common thing when dealing with the breast cancer symptoms is that you are well aware and know the condition of your breasts properly, so you will notice when there is any slight changes. Regular screening is essential to detect early signs of cancerous cells, and you can opt for biopsy, ultrasound, or MRI test to examine the symptoms.

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