Best Skin Diet for Women

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When many fashion experts say; you are what you wear, nutritionists say; you are what you eat. These two popular sayings are now haunting every woman in the world, as they are required to be fashionable and healthy at the same time. When many cultures set skinny women as beauty standard, it doesn’t always parallel with the healthy standard. Many women eat less just to achieve their so-called ideal weight, when in fact; they’re just starving and torturing themselves.

Best Skin Diet for Women

Best Skin Diet for Women

Not having enough food or nutritious supply will be shown in your appearance, particularly your skin. Your skin is the largest body part and it requires careful maintenance and gentle treatment to always make it looks radiant, glowing, younger-looking, and most importantly, healthy. Women are often having some conflict inside their mind, whether to look pretty or healthy. Well, why should arguing if you can get both at the same time?

Luckily, women health and beauty are no longer at risk since there are some foods that can keep them healthy and look younger. These skin diets are best to maintain your skin healthy and keep your body healthy without much hard work.


Although too much sugary food is bad for our health, but honey gives you so many advantages particularly for your skin. This ingredient is rich in humectants that works particularly well in keeping skin moisture, and acts as powerful antibacterial agent. With these powerful abilities, honey is suitable to treat flaky skin, dry skin, treat acne, even allergies, resulted in glowing beauty skin.

Any Kinds of Berries

On latest studies, it is found that strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries have abundant amount of antioxidant substance. With that ability, these berries are very effective to against free radicals that can damage the skin cells and promote younger-looking skin as the antioxidant agent also helps prevent premature aging.

Essential Fatty Acids

Fats are bad for your health, but healthy fatty acids ca promote healthier life and healthier skin. Fatty acids as in salmon, oils, and seeds can help the skin cell membranes to regulate nutrients metabolism in and out of the body. It helps to lock moisture in your skin, resulting in more glowing and younger-looking skin. Not only have that, consuming healthy oils also helped to keep your skin lubricated.

Water and Green Tea

Never underestimate the power of a glass of water. Most people often underrate the role of water in hydrating the skin. All that needed for women health is a good clean and pure water – not soda or wine – to rejoice the skin cells. Lacking water can make your skin looks dull, dry, and old.

Not only that green tea is suitable for beverage, you can also apply it as mask. The good substance of green tea is good for anti-inflammatory agent to prevent your skin cell membrane and can potentially lower your risk of developing skin cancer when continuously exposed to sunrays.


Never separate the egg yolk from the whites if you want to keep your skin healthy. Eggs contain high amount of vitamin A in its yolk that helps to repair skin, cure acne, and remove wrinkles. The yolk is not only rich in Vitamin A, but also Biotin and lechitin that helps soften your skin and promote beauty as well as healthy and hair and nail.

You can also utilize the white as mask, because it contains high amount of albumen that has powerful tightening effect and anti-inflammatory agent to protect skin from the sunlight

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