Bad Breakfast Habits You Need to Ditch

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Breakfast is a fuel for activities and important for health and diet, yet many people still have bad breakfast habits that ruin everything. Breakfast should provide proper nutrition your body needs, and it should help you manage until lunch. However, many people often just focus on the latter part, without paying attention to the first.

Bad Breakfast Habits You Need to Ditch

Bad Breakfast Habits You Need to Ditch

Your taste for breakfast foods might be decided by upbringing and culture, and there are so many breakfast foods around the world. Whatever you eat for breakfast, you should remember to not doing bad breakfast habits.

Top Bad Breakfast Habits

Here are some popular bad breakfast habits you need to ditch to make sure you get the best result from your breakfast:

  • Eating too many fried foods. Many countries have fried breakfast, but big plate of breakfast with all-fried foods such as fried sausages, eggs and hash can give you a lot of calorie and sodium intake, which is not good for health.
  • Eating breakfast at local coffee shops. Coffee shop’s popularity has been soared high in the last decade, but coffee shop treats are packed with sugar and fat, which are not exactly good options for healthy breakfast (especially if you pair them with creamy and sugary coffee).
  • Blending smoothie ingredients without measuring them. Smoothie can be a healthy breakfast, but many people do not measure smoothie ingredients, such as yogurt, milk, and even the naturally-sweet fruits like banana. They can contribute to excessive calorie and sugar intake.
  • Eating too many carbohydrate sources. Carbohydrate is important to fuel you, but association between carbohydrate and energy makes many people eating it too much for breakfast. Big heap of rice, high stack of pancakes or big bowl of egg noodles are not exactly healthy breakfast if you have to control carbohydrate intake.
  • Eating bacon and eggs. Popular myth that bacon and eggs contribute to healthy breakfast is actually based on weak scientific studies and created for marketing purpose. Frying bacon and eggs in oil every day is a bad breakfast habit because they give you a lot of saturated fat in one plate, although eggs can be healthy breakfast if you consume them the right way.
  • Eating sugary cereals. Many people think that as long as you eat cereals, you eat healthy. However, eating sugary cereals or adding sugar to plain cereal is a bad move that turns potential healthy breakfast into disastrous one.
  • Choosing the wrong spread. Toasts are practical and healthy, but adding fatty and sugary spreads such as sweet jam or whole butter add the calorie intake and sugar significantly.

You should stick to health common sense: eat balanced carbohydrate and protein to fuel you, and do not add too much sugar and saturated fat. You can adjust these important tips to your breakfast. For example, choose whole grained bread with healthier spread or sandwich filling such as tomatoes and cheese or low fat peanut butter. Do not add sugar to your cereal. Boil the egg or pair fried egg with something non-fried. Eat fruits whole instead of blending them. Avoiding bad breakfast habits like these can contribute hugely to your health.

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