Tips to Screen Breast Cancer

By Cancer

Health is the precious asset. When people do not appreciate it, they will never enjoy this life. In the worst situation, they will damage their body. The unhealthy foods, the bad living place and the stressful job may affect to the health. For women, the effect can be more serious. Even they can experience breast cancer without recognize it first.

Breast cancer is one of the dangerous cancer. But you can reduce the danger by detecting it early. For people over 40, this is recommended to get a mammogram. Mammography screening will help people to detect breast cancer early. By knowing it soon, the chance to cure the cancer will be higher too.

If you worry about your health condition, choose the expert to diagnose it. In breast cancer, you also need to do the same thing. Mammography expert is the best place to screen the breast cancer. They are more accurate in interpreting the images. Compared with the physician that less experienced in mammography, mammography expert is much recommended to ask. You can find the accredited facilities from the American College of Radiology. Beside it, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance also has the Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence.

A center that specialized in digital mammography is the best to get the digital scan, especially for women under 50. The digital scans can do the better job. It can detect the cancer better than the traditional film mammography. When you get screening, do not put off it because of discomfort. To reduce discomfort, you can schedule the exam after the monthly period. In this time, breast is less sensitive.

Fear is the other reason why some people put off screening. In the most situations, most abnormalities after mammogram are not related with cancer. Sometimes, you can be called back to get more tests with ultrasound screening. At least, you need to understand it. When you asked for the follow up exam, you do not need to fear it. This is for your goodness and to get the accurate diagnosis.

Consider to get the result while you are waiting. When you get the first mammogram, this is better to make an appointment first. This is better to get the result while you are waiting. If you do not do it, maybe you will be called back frequently for the second scan.

You also need to know how your breasts feel normally. When you get health care, the health care provider will show you how to do breast self-exam too. The self-exam is useful to get the first diagnose before you are getting the advance check. But you also need to know how your breasts feel normally. Without knowing it, you cannot identify the breast problem. So when you are getting some problem such as swelling, lump or skin irritation, you can ask the expert to get the better check.

Breast exam is better to be scheduled regularly. At least, women need breast exam every three years. Checking the breast health regularly helps women to predict the health problem. It allows them to know the breast cancer before it is getting more serious.

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