Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer by Consuming Some Recommended Foods

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All women must feel fear when they get breast cancer. Today the number of women that get breast cancer is rising. Actually you don’t need to worry with this disease when you detect this disease fast and you can control it. What you must do to avoid this cancer? You need to do medical checkups regularly so you can detect this disease in early stage and then doctor will be able to give you advice of medication. Doing medical checkup is not the only way to avoid or prevent breast cancer. You must know that food will influence people to get so many diseases. When you often consume bad food or instant food then you will be able to get some diseases in fast and easy way. That is why when you want to be free from this breast cancer, you also need to know some foods that you must eat. You need to eat healthy food and it is important too for you to know some foods that will prevent you to get breast cancer here.

First you need to eat Flaxseed. Not all people know about flaxseed. Flaxseed contains of omega 3 lignans and also fiber that will help you to against cancer cells not only in your breast buy in some other body parts. How to eat and enjoy flaxseed? Some people choose to add flaxseed to smoothie or yogurt. You will enjoy the nutty flavor and you can prevent dangerous disease in easy way. You can also add flaxseed to your baked food such as muffins and also cookies.

Second, you can eat Brazil nuts. There are some benefits that you will get when you eat Brazil nuts. You can improve your body immunity. Brazil nuts can help to prevent tumour growth or cancer cells in your body. The other benefits that you will get when you eat brazil nuts is you will be easy to fight inflammation to prevent infection or worst condition. Brazil nuts can give so many health benefits because the nuts contain of fibre, phytochemicals, and also selenium. When you add with asparagus and also fruits, you will be able to find effective anti-cancer components that will help you to lower the possibility of breast cancer or other cancer.

Third, you can eat garlic. As we know we are easy to find garlic in some foods too. Garlic becomes the best cancer fighting compound that is easy to be found in all places. You can make the growth of cancer sell slow and you can be free from breast cancer attack when you eat garlic. You will be easy to find garlic in some foods such as Chinese foods, Italian foods, Spanish foods, Indian foods and also Thai foods. You can eat some pieces of garlic to prevent cancer.

Fourth, you can also consume pomegranate. It is now well known as best fruit to prevent cancer cell. This fruit contains of anti oxidant that is good to prevent bad disease to our body. You who want to be free from cancer need to consume pomegranate regularly. There are some other foods that you can eat to lower the possibility of breast cancer attack or other cancer.

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