Simple Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

By Cancer

Breast cancer, for the most women, this is a terrifying disease. In the rare case, it could end up on death. This is why it becomes one of the most dangerous cancer for women. Preventing is better than curating, this is what people trust. But prevent breast cancer must be made as soon as possible. In this time, you will learn the way to prevent breast cancer. If you worry about the complexity, you do not need to think about it. These tips are easy to apply. To get the detail information, these are the tips.

Lose the belly fat. Belly fat is not just bad for your appearance. It can improve the risk of breast cancer too. In the fact, body fat can boost the estrogen storage. But you do not need to take any extreme diet for this. Based on the research, the moderate weight loss is enough to reduce the breast cancer risk. Even the reduction can reduce until 25% by the moderate weight loss. To reduce the weight, take cardio exercise like jogging or walking. Resistance exercise is also good to burn the fat.

Limit the alcohol. Alcohol is the worse beverage. Drinking alcohol can improve the breast cancer risk, even in the little consumption. If you drink more alcohol, the risk of breast cancer will be higher too. Wine is also the same. It can give the same effect.

Eat enough vegetables, especially from the cruciferous family. Emotion may affect the cancer. Eating habit is also the same. Fried foods and red meat are the bad examples for your habit. These foods can improve the breast cancer risk. But if you consume it under control, you can reduce the risk. If you want to reduce the risk more, consume enough vegetables and fruits. Broccoli, kale and cauliflower are good for your body. Beside it, they contained much antioxidant and contains the component that balance the hormones. This is good to support the breast health.

Get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for the bone. But based on the research, this is also good for the breast health. Getting enough vitamin D3 can prevent the breast cancer. The good news is you can get this vitamin easily. All you need is just walking or running in the morning. Get enough sunlight in that time. From the America’s medical school research, body needs 2000UI to 5000UI of vitamin D3 every day.

Get strategic supplement. Maybe there are many foods with the great source of anti-cancer, but people cannot get the optimal vitamin D level without supplementation. Adding the combination of supplement formula can give the best result. You can try to combine green tea extract, calcium D-glucarate and DIM to get the best benefit for the health of the breast.

Have fun, maybe this is the best way to be healthy. Getting stress is normal, but only in the small amount. If you are too stress, it will affect to your health. This is including the breast health. If you want to improve your health, do not forget to have fun. It is easy to have fun. You can do something new or do your favorite activity.

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