Modern Improvements In Breast Cancer Treatment

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Modern medical innovation gives satisfying answer for new improvements in breast cancer treatment. Everyone is anticipating for good news on the treatment. Fortunately, modern medical breakthrough brings good news as breast cancer is becoming curable in each day.

Early Stage Breast Cancer

The finding of cancer cells at early stage makes it easier to cure. Using modern medical equipments and technologies, it’s made possible to locate cancer cell much earlier and faster than in previous times. At early stage, cancer is still at small size and has smaller chance to grow into metastasize cancer or spread to other parts of the body. It minimizes the chance of cancer cell to spread into lymph nodes, other organs and parts of the body.

Increasing Awareness
Today’s trend also include on health awareness, which brings women to get screening and mammograms regularly. It certainly makes a helpful move in the effort of fighting breast cancer with more effective treatments. It also increase survival rate of breast cancer patients. Bottom line is that early diagnose can bring bigger chance for the cure. Women can go to get complete examination and mammogram annualy from trained health professional.


Improvements in medication for breast cancer are quite fantastic. It clearly gives good hope of effective cancer treatment for those diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, some medicines are capable to prevent those with higher risk of contracting cancer from getting one.

Recent Improvements

In the last decade there’s quite notably change on treatment for breast cancer. Mastectomy is no longer the only option to control cancer cells and prevent it from spreading. Today, breast cancer treatment is focused on lumpectomy, a new technique of preservation followed by radiation on the affected area. All these efforts are made possible with the new invention of machines and radiation devices that can focus the treatment on the affected area only, leaving many healthy organs and parts of the body unaffected by radiation effects.


Chemotherapy treatment gets so much improvements as new drugs with better effects are used on the treatment. Combining those drugs has proven to be more effective in fighting cancer cells. It’s now possible to personalize treatment for each breast cancer patient through genes examination. It allows doctors to decide whether it’s chemotherapy, hormonetherapy or even no therapy is best treatment for each patient based on their genes.

Future Treatment

New technologies are likely to discover in near future. Hopefully, it will be possible to detect cancer cell at the size of 1 to 2 milimeters as for today medical technology is only capable to detect the cell at 5 to 10 milimeter size. New genetic tests are created with more improved technology. These genetic tests will be able to examine human genes and detect people with higher risk of getting cancer through their genes.

It’s a good thing that treatment for breast cancer has moved toward a better direction. Scientific researches are done to bring new discoveries on the disease and new therapy that can bring better effect. In the future, it seems that cancer can be diagnosed at early stage and treated immediately with bigger chance of recovery.

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